Jamie Lau // Mermaid Gin

Photographer: Jamie Lau Stylist: Lauren Becker Role: Digital Operative

Odda x Lacoste // Elliot James Kennedy

Role: On-set Producer Photographer: Elliot Kennedy Production Company:DMB Representation Publication: Odda Magazine Featuring: Lacoste’s Clothing. Elliot Kennedy DMB Represents Ethan J Hart ODDA Magazine

Headie One // The Guardian g2 Film & Music mag // Suki Dhanda

G2 article Suki Dhanda Sope Soetan Role: Lighting and Digital Operative Photographer: Suki Dhanda Author: Sope Soetan G2 article Suki Dhanda Sope Soetan

Jenny Hands // British Hair Awards 2018 Sally Brooks

Article / Jenny Hands / Sally Brooks One of my first shoots assisting and it was for one of the most high profile photographers I have worked with yet. Photographer and Director Jenny Hands is inspired by the magic she sees in everyone. Capturing the beauty from all sides of life from joy to sadnessContinue reading “Jenny Hands // British Hair Awards 2018 Sally Brooks”

Alisa Connan // Suqqu // The Sunday Times

Suqqu Beauty website / The Sunday Times article Photographer: Alisa Connan Lighting Assistant: Jomile Kazlauskaite Digital Operative: Moi Make-up Artist: Morag Ross Hair: Darren Fowler Creative Director: Sachini Imbuldeniya Models: Georgie Hobday & Deni Moodie