Holly Taylor

Photo Assistant | Digi -Op | Production Coordinator


A Taurus Sun and Sag Moon.

I have experience assisting in most fields of production. I started as a studio assistant running coffees and painting coves at Loft Studios (West London) after graduating with a BA in Graphic Arts from the University of Southampton. To assisting Photographers (which I still do and LOVE for the last 5 years) all over the UK. I’ve assisted Interior Stylists for Next PLC and MADE and currently work remotely and on-set for Producers as a Production Coordinator. I’m highly skilled in maintaining and troubleshooting camera systems including Hasselblad and Phase One as well as project managing for small and large scale shoots. I’ve been busy you can say, and that would be correct!


I combine my skills to be a useful pair of hands on any set so feel free to contact me for collaborations or if you want to chat about creative things, books, alcohol, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.. There is no such thing as a silly question. Apart from….” what’s a silly question?”.


Jenny Hands – Chanel
Roger Keller – Addidas
Claire Harrison – Amazon
Suki Dhanda – The Guardian
Alisa Connan – Suqqu Beauty
Jess Bonham – Alure Mag
Karen Robinson – The Guardian
Ted Humble Smith – Avon
Simon Lipman – Next and The Gentlemans Journal
Michelle Beatty – Soru
Ian Walsh – M&S
Slater King – Babcock
Elliott Wilcox – Sports
Katie Wilson – The Sunday Times
Dennis Pedersen – Stylist Magazine
Matt Kerfante – David Nieper
Simon Archer – Next interiors
Bella Swann – Next interiors
Elliott Wilcox – Sports
Lilla Nyeki – By Terry
Dan Lysenko – No7 skincare
David Ellis – Ray Cosbert
Jamie Lau – Mermaid Gin
Benedict Morgan – Vashi


Kat Perry – Kat Perry Productions
Ksenia Maxinoma – DMB Represents


Katie Gibbs
Beth Golding
Aneta Skoczek
Gemma Smith
Emily Steinthal

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