Waitrose Mag // Ian Oliver Walsh// Naomi Lowe

Naomi Lowe on set with Ian Walsh for Waitrose Magazine. Hoxton, London

Ian is a London based photographer specialising in still life, product and cosmetic photography. His creative and unique style has earned him worldwide commissions from an array of luxury brands and publications for over 10 years. Ian’s expertise behind the camera is paired with a highly skilled background in post-production/retouching.

Naomi Lowe is the lead design force for branded content at Eye to Eye Media. Heading up a team of Art Directors and designers, she creates high-impact visual statements that bring brands to life.

I got to know Ian through Dennis Pedersen, a still life photographer known for his numerous features in Stylist Magazine, Grazia and Harrods. I assisted him full time in his amazing studio in Hoxton soon after I left being a Studio Assistant and the experience was invaluable, to say the least. He describes his technique as a combination of “old school”, craft-based visuals with the “new-tech” retouching end, lead by Ian. Combining the two has made for powerful images with a story you end up believing.

Ian Walsh for Waitrose Magazine

I was particularly impressed by Dennis’s and Ians ‘studio. It was clear from the start that this man can tailor a space to such a sophisticated level you would be scared to move anything yourself without his tutorship. I was lucky enough to be one of those few who recieved it. An 8x10ft screen was hoisted to the ceiling, it can be slowly lowered with two assistants, this is great because there are times where you need the screen to be above the set and 45 degree angles. Crates of science equipment were kept at the back of the studio, cupboards were full of framed diffusers, shields of tinted glass, viles, PVC. He had a huge work station, something like a workmans desk surfaced with a metal sheet (easy to clean) with pots of glue alcohol, tapes, triggers. This man and his whole family had style and loads of it. When I worked for Dennis, he was in the middle of renovating an abandoned water tower in Norfolk. It was clear through observing him that he has a special skillset for architecture, he was able to play with the products and experiment in a way I had never seen before.

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